Sasquatch has been found

Hello, my name is Spencer, born and raised in the PNW. I have decided to take a stab at something creative, creating something that reflects me as a person. My mission is to share my interests in the hopes that someone else will find what I talk about useful and hopefully, interesting. A good friend of mine decided I would have a bit of a nickname, ‘Sasquatch’. So I figured I would put a mature spin on the nickname, and Mr Sasquatch is what I came up with (I will reiterate my lack of creativity here). 

What I hope to accomplish with this ‘project’ is a documentation of the things I find most interesting, bicycles, the great outdoors, the evolution of my fashion sense and general lifestyles I find interesting. Trying something new can be terrifying, so I hope this blog will help others to take the plunge and  try something new and scary.