NW Epic Series!

It was now or never. Sign up or forever put it off. So I bit the bullet on this cold rainy winter day in Seattle and signed up for 3 of the 5 NW Epic Series XC races. I have not done any XC mountain bike racing for several years so I plan to relearn how to train for events like this, which sounds like a great 2019 challenge if you ask me!

I decided to participate in the 3 middle events Echo Valley, Mission: Granduro, and Suntop. I also chose the middle distance of 30 miles for each so I can train for a consistent distance. These 3 give diverse riding terrain and styles that I hope keep me on my toes by each introducing new challenges. Echo Valley is north of Chelan, WA. Mission: Granduro is located in Wanatchee, WA and Suntop is in Mt Rainer National Park (I can already feel my legs hurting). These spots of some of Washington’s best but are overshadowed by places such as Galbraith in Bellingham or Tiger Mountain in Issaquah. I have also never ridden in any of the 3 race locations, which is why the series looked so great, exposing me to more of what my home state has to offer.

In my head I have an idea of how I will conduct my training. I will lay that out as I actually start, but I have been also working on quite a bit of strength training in the gym. I also have goals in that domain that I hope to cover in a post soon. All and all 2019 is looking like its going to be an eventful years with many new challenges to dive head first in.

Getting back into it

After a rookie mistake leading to a crash over on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah WA and fracturing my left wrist I hopped back on the bike at went for a nice and easy gravel ride. I broke my wrist in mid July, probably the worst possible time to have that happen, got out of the cast first week of September. It was still sore so I took it easy and the only riding I was doing was commuting (I will be doing a write up on my new commuter soon!). The ride was great, took the north end of the Snoqualmie Valley trail from Duvall to  Fall city, a total of 30 miles. If felt great but made me realize how quickly you get out of shade and need to start from scratch. 

Starting over does have its benefits, hitting a reset can allow more thought on how you want to tackle recovery and fitness. My wrist was sore the next day and the progress will be slow, but I am hoping this cadence of riding and gaining my strength back will be more effective than ever. I am hoping I will keep up an exercise routine so I have a strong momentum into next season.

Sasquatch has been found

Hello, my name is Spencer, born and raised in the PNW. I have decided to take a stab at something creative, creating something that reflects me as a person. My mission is to share my interests in the hopes that someone else will find what I talk about useful and hopefully, interesting. A good friend of mine decided I would have a bit of a nickname, ‘Sasquatch’. So I figured I would put a mature spin on the nickname, and Mr Sasquatch is what I came up with (I will reiterate my lack of creativity here). 

What I hope to accomplish with this ‘project’ is a documentation of the things I find most interesting, bicycles, the great outdoors, the evolution of my fashion sense and general lifestyles I find interesting. Trying something new can be terrifying, so I hope this blog will help others to take the plunge and  try something new and scary.